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Restaurant Booths for Sale in Houston, TX


BTW 4001 


BTW 4002

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The look, feel, and general comfort of your dining booths speaks volumes about your restaurant. At Custom Restaurant Furniture, we have a large selection of restaurant booths for sale in Houston, Texas. We work hard to ensure our booths are not only comfortable, but that they are built to last. Booths can begin to see signs of wear and tear very quickly if they are not engineered correctly. We design our booths with high-quality material that will withstand public daily use for decades to come.  

Browse through our selection of premium-grade dining booths to find what suits your restaurant’s unique style and needs. If you are looking for a custom design, we can create any shape, size or upholstery. Round, channel, corner or other custom styles are available.  


Contact one of our team members at 832-280-7938 to find out more about our restaurant booths for sale in Houston, Texas. 

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